Electric Quilt has nothing to do with a bed quilt that you can plug in to keep warm....but it's a wonderful versatile quilt software program that I have owned since 1993.  I have a knack for stretching EQ to the limits, so I created this section to share with you just a little of what I have been able to accomplish with this software. Sometimes I will get an idea for a quilt in my head and I just cannot stop until I see if I can create it in EQ!  I am hopeless, I know, but I am having a lot of fun!  Of note: Much of my incentive to create a website in the first place, came from friends on EQ's popular mailing list, Info-EQ.  If you haven't joined the list, I highly recommend it! 


NEW!  EQ with Me: Pieced Drawing

Reformatted and updated for EQ7.
Get it while supplies last!



Patti's EQ6 Gallery



EQ Tutorial Archives
These older tutorials are available as downloadable Adobe Reader files (.pdf). New links will be added when the corresponding .pdf file has been uploaded.



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