Creating a Prairie Braid Quilt in EQ5

Note: This tutorial was originally written for EQ5, but the procedure is the same for EQ6 and 7.

First, practice drawing the design repeat as a square block. Snap points 8 x 8, block size 8" x 8", graph paper divisions 8 x 8.

To create a long strip block -- base everything on 8. Set the horizontal snap points at 8, vertical snap points need to be a multiple of 8. Same with the block size and the graph paper divisions (for ease of drawing). Draw the square repeat at the top of the block, select all (CTRL+A). Copy and paste the repeat to complete the block (the illustration below shows only the top part of a 4" x 24" block).

Set your long blocks in a Vertical Strip quilt layout with strip size the same as your block size.


After staring at this block awhile, I found a variation that may work even better. This one has the points of the braid in the center. Note: This one could be drawn on the same 8 x 8 grid or you can use 4 x 4.

Here's yet another variation and the resulting quilt:

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